Lectures from Dr Ramin Maysami

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255151 Libya's Frozen Assets May Soon Be Released new GeorgeCason2599 2019.11.18 2
255150 Audience Turned Their Warplanes On Him, Before Lieutenants Abandoned Him One By One, Including The Very General Assembly President, Fellow Libyan Ali Treki, Who In 2009 Glowingly Welcomed His "king" To The New York Podium new MiguelPmc2447605 2019.11.18 2
255149 Spector Denied It new Hortense12697334881 2019.11.18 2
255148 State Department Said Libyan Assets In The United States Amount To Approximately $30 Billion, Though Only About 10 Percent Of That Is In Cash new JackiWalsh2887655 2019.11.18 2
255147 Libya Agreed To Pay Up To $10 Million To Relatives Of Each Of The Victims, And Declared It Would Dismantle All Of Its Weapons Of Mass Destruction new MartinaT1227868112 2019.11.18 2
255146 Uhf Gen 2 Metal Rfid Tag Using In Metallic Environment new AnnisWorthington9099 2019.11.18 2
255145 Plus Points Of Led Lights new KimberlyWojcik84 2019.11.18 2
255144 It Garnered Millions Of Views On YouTube And NBC's Web Site, Which Posted An Un-bleeped Version new Beatris54679500318363 2019.11.18 2
255143 "I Don't Know If She Should Have Started The Show Off, But I Thought It Was Alright," Rapper And Record Producer Jermaine Dupri Told Rancic new SharonPomeroy991 2019.11.18 2
255142 Libya Agreed To Pay Up To $10 Million To Relatives Of Each Of The Victims, And Declared It Would Dismantle All Of Its Weapons Of Mass Destruction new CarmonPoe370978 2019.11.18 0
255141 The Most Effective Strategy To Master In The Field Of ECU Remapping new RubinQrf96826401 2019.11.18 0
255140 COMPUTER Gaming Alliance new DeclanAldrich721834 2019.11.18 0
255139 "What's Lacking?" Phillips Asked Ahmed Shebani, A Member Of The Opposition, Just Last Month. "Lacking Is Precision NATO Strikes," He Said Shebani Complained He'd Have To Email Someone In Benghazi To Call In NATO Planes, W new LynnNettleton234146 2019.11.18 1
255138 Recent Polls In Bangkok Indicate A Large Segment Of The Population, Irrespective Of Their Political Beliefs, Is Fed Up With The Protests, Which Have Battered The Economy, Including The Lucrative Tourism Industry new TeganKeating872432 2019.11.18 2
255137 The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet - And Not A Fad Anymore new MarlonEly606743244 2019.11.18 0
255136 "Girls Aren't Looking As Skinny This Season As They Did," Said Suze Yalof Scwhartz, Executive Editor-at-large For Glamour Magazine new FHSJim06669001708 2019.11.18 2
255135 The Eighth Manufacturing Waste new SelenaSchultz87282 2019.11.18 2
255134 Pictures: Lindsay Lohan SurrendersPictures: Lohan Sentenced To Jail Time L.A new RSEJani8520746778 2019.11.18 2
255133 How To Sail A Ship Better - Keep Your Sail Draft In Use! new Lane48T994980327 2019.11.18 2
255132 During Five Months Of Testimony, Prosecutors Presented A Chauffeur Who Said That Spector Came Out Of His Home Holding A Gun And Said, "I Think I Killed Somebody." Prosecutors Also Called Five Women From Spector's Past Who Testified Of Incid new WSAMonroe52423168507 2019.11.18 2