Lectures from Dr Ramin Maysami

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254988 "What's Lacking?" Phillips Asked Ahmed Shebani, A Member Of The Opposition, Just Last Month. "Lacking Is Precision NATO Strikes," He Said Shebani Complained He'd Have To Email Someone In Benghazi To Call In NATO Planes, W new HarveyBarton660160950 2019.11.18 1
254987 Qaddafi's At Times Bizarre Rule Reaches Twilight new SallieAbercrombie 2019.11.18 2
254986 A Hospital Official Said An Explosion Outside A Crowded Polling Station In The Southwestern City Of Quetta Killed 31 People And Wounded 35 More On Wednesday, As Pakistanis Voted In General Elections new QPQCarrie8516221 2019.11.18 0
254985 Loyalists At Qaddafi Compound Hold Off Rebels new MilesLink3629711 2019.11.18 2
254984 4 Advantages Of Utilizing An Excellent Management System new KelleOtd7071521061210 2019.11.18 2
254983 His Daughter, Ragina Hamidi, Who Runs A Small Business In Kandahar, Said: "We Are Just Staying In Doors For Our Own Safety." Kandahar Has A Population Of 800,000 new FayeSpangler18443191 2019.11.18 2
254982 But Sunday's Triumph May Prove To Be The Easiest Part In The Rebels' Quest To Reshape Libya's Political Landscape new LeonidaHayter03 2019.11.18 2
254981 Lee's Film Is Set Against The Backdrop Of Japanese-occupied Shanghai During World War II new GrazynaPrimm338200 2019.11.18 0
254980 "A Lot Of That Sectarian Mix That Existed In Saddam Hussein's Iraq Doesn't Exisit Here In Libya," Feltman Said new ErickaDecosta1735329 2019.11.18 2
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