Lecture Notes, Syllabus, and Sample Text Book

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MAT211 Essentials of Calculus Spring 2019 EZRA.pdf

S500 Computer Programming Ezra S19.pdf


Hello C April 2019.pdf 


Practice 1 (4/9/2019)


Please go to your website and find

"Tue Cal S19" in the menu

Click the menu and 


login: calculus

PW: calculus!


When you type the PW, letter will not show up but do not worry

(This is very safe website so no worries please keep going)


After login

mkdir  Your First name without space

ex) mkdir  han


let's go to your folder


cd  han


please check your folder is in


This is different with your web site


Whenever you want to make a program please go to your folder first

Otherwise your program cannot be graded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




vi  hello1.c

type i : changing editing mode


please type



void main()


             printf("nn Hello this is my first program. nn");



Thereafter please hit "ESC" key and type




for save and exit


Please type


gcc  hello1.c  -o  hello1.out


For compiling

(If you find any error please type  vi  hello1.c  AGAIN and edit)


please type



For running


If you successfully done for hello1.out

Please do hello2.c, hello3.c, hello4.c, and hello5.c.


Everything shoud be in your folder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Practice 2 (4/16/2019)

Fibonacci Sequence


Fibo Spring 2019.pdf


Practice 3 (4/23/19)

Prime Numbers


Prime Number.pdf


Practice 4 (4/30/19)

Sequence 1



Practice 5 (5/7/19)



Practice 6 (5/28/19)

Quad Eq May 2019.pdf


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